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Precautions for nurses regarding TBC-care Create-eLearning
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A course created by steef.verhoeve
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Precautions for nurses regarding TBC-care

Table of contents

  1. General information
    1. What is TB?
  2. Bacteria
    1. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
    2. Transmission
  3. Diagnosis
    1. Overview
    2. Psysical examination
    3. Microbiological studies
    4. Radiography
    5. Immunological test
    6. Interferon gamma release assays
    7. Diagnosis test
  4. Contact with TB patients
    1. Importance
    2. Infection Control
    3. Isolation
    4. Contact Investigation
  5. Masks
    1. Masks
    2. Settings
  6. Ventilation
    1. Ventilation
    2. Arrangement patients and staff
    3. Schematic showing seating arrang
  7. Patient education
    1. General
    2. Cough Hygiene
    3. Sputum disposal
    4. Questions

What will the person taking this course learn or achieve

How to protect yourself against a TB infection

Skills, additional materials and items needed to successfully complete the course

This course show you the skills and materials you need to treat a TB patient

Course description

In this course you will quickly learn which precautions you can take as a nurse, preventing yourself against a TB infection.

Who should take this course

Student nurses, health care workers and volunteers working in TB areas.

Instructor's skills, experience, insurance and memberships

I'm a nurse student from Belgium. To graduate as a nurse this year I write a thesis about TBC. The thesis is two folded: the first part is a literature study which contents information about the pathogenesis, pathofysiology, phenomena, method of infection, resistance, diagnostics, treatment and most important regarding this course: prevention. The second part of the thesis is to process the evidence based practice into daily practice.


This course is available in English .


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