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What are you going to do for your future livelihood..? Create-eLearning
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A course created by Egonn Greg Scott Scharbo
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What are you going to do for your future livelihood..?

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Table of contents

    1. 1. The Aim of this course
    2. 2. My Options
    3. 3. What does it take..?
    4. 4. Your Downloadable PDF file
    5. 5. Your Business Plan & Model
    6. 6. Your Next Downloadable file
    7. 7. Business Model Template
    8. 8. What is Passion..?
    9. 9. Is this RIGHT FOR ME..?
    10. 10. Conclusion and COUPON CODE

What will the person taking this course learn or achieve

- A clearer understanding into what it takes to become an entrepreneur and that anyone can do it.
- How a business plan and a business model works.
- What passion is all about and how to find and define their own passion.

Skills, additional materials and items needed to successfully complete the course

- A burning desire, to go forward and succeed.
- The ability to take action.

Course description

This is A Free Version of The ENCORE ENTREPRENEUR WORKSHOP – part of The 6 Step Action Plan Series from Scandiseed.

Who should take this course

People over 45 years of age, who are either facing redundancy or who are unemployed and are uncertain about their future livelihoods, where they can obtain some clarification over their options, in what to choose, whether it be:
- To become an encore entrepreneur.
- Or…. continue to seek employment and find a new job.

Instructor's skills, experience, insurance and memberships

Since the late 1990’s Kim and I have successfully helped over 5000 candidates/participants through our training courses and workshops, all of which catered for:
- Entrepreneurs / Company Owners
- Leaders / Managers and directors
- Marketing and Salespeople
- Outplacement candidates
- University graduates
- Corporate / Government organizations.


This course is available in English .


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Egonn Greg Scott Scharbo

Egonn Greg Scott Scharbo
My Course Creator contact:
City: Vedbaek - Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Address: Flintemarken 47, 1. th
Postcode or ZIP: DK - 2950
I HELP AND ASSIST business owners and organisations build a branded web presence where they can obtain achieve their full potential.


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