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Facebook Orientation Create-eLearning
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A course created by thomash
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Facebook Orientation

Table of contents

  1. Facebook Orientation
    1. Getting Started
    2. Facebook Page Orientation
    3. Creative & Copy
    4. Scheduling & Posting
    5. Other Tips & Rules

What will the person taking this course learn or achieve

You will learn to navigate a Facebook page.

Skills, additional materials and items needed to successfully complete the course

You need access to a Facebook page or the ability to create one.

Course description

This course will serve to familiarize new hires with the basics of a Facebook Page

Who should take this course

New hires given Facebook tasks.

Instructor's skills, experience, insurance and memberships

I am a digital marketer with over 2 years experience at a boutique agency creating social media content.


This course is available in English .


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