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Video Marketing Made Easy Create-eLearning
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A course created by Cat Paterson
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Video Marketing Made Easy

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction
  2. What is Video Marketing
    1. What is Video Marketing
  3. Why Video Marketing?
    1. Why Video Marketing
  4. Do Businesses Use it?
    1. Do Businesses Use Video?
  5. Top Video Sharing Sites
    1. Top Video Sharing Sites
  6. Power Tools
    1. Video Marketing Power Tools
  7. Do Video Marketing The Right Way
    1. Step 1: Create
    2. Step 2: Upload
    3. Step 3: Optimise
    4. Step 4: Advertise
    5. Part 4: Creating Your Video
  8. Effective Marketing Tricks
    1. Effective Marketing Tricks
  9. Hottest Ways to Use Video
    1. Hottest Ways to Use Video
  10. Case Studies
    1. Case Studies to Inspire
  11. Do's and Don'ts
    1. Do's and Don'ts
  12. Conclusion
    1. Conclusion
  13. Resources
    1. Resources

What will the person taking this course learn or achieve

You will learn; 1) Why video is crucial for marketing and building trust, 2) Top video sharing sites, 3) Marketing power tools, 4) How to do video marketing the right way, 5) Step by step walk through from creating to advertising your video, 6) Tricks of the trade, 7) Dos and Donts as well as case studies and additional resources to get you started with video marketing

Skills, additional materials and items needed to successfully complete the course

You will need access to the internet to use the tools mentioned in the training.
You also need a learning mindset to want learn a new skill. Once learned it is an evergreen skill and method you can use over and over again.

Course description

In this course you will learn how to skyrocket your business success with the newest marketing technique...video marketing

Who should take this course

This course is aimed at offline and online businesses who want to start video marketing. No previous experience is required as participants will be walked through basic example of creating a video step by step.

Instructor's skills, experience, insurance and memberships

As a business owner providing both online and offline services I have been using video marketing for some time on my websites and as part of my coaching/training services.
Video marketing can seem like a dark art and it took me a long time to work out what works and what doesnt. I wanted to provide a step by step training that gets you up and running straight away as its what I desperately needed back at the beginning of my video marketing research.


This course is available in English .


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Cat Paterson

City: Paisley
Country: United Kingdom
Address: 48 Stanely Avenue
Postcode or ZIP: PA2 9LE
I am a Mind Detective and Accredited Flow coach, knowledge sharer and course creator. I focus on your strengths and talents to leverage them for productivity and profitability. I have over 20 years experience in management/leadership roles.


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