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The Confidence Booster Create-eLearning
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A course created by Rintu Basu
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The Confidence Booster

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Failure is a Good Thing
    1. It's okay to fail
  3. Foundations - How the Mind Works
    1. Using Your Mind for a Change
  4. Tools and Techniques
    1. Reframing, Seeing and Breathing
  5. A Time Line Approach
    1. Disconnecting Negative Emotions
  6. Bonus Content
    1. Golden Confidence Trance

What will the person taking this course learn or achieve

Imagine suddenly finding yourself letting go of the negative emotions that held you back and just doing things that you would normally consider difficult. Consider what would change about your life if you took the things you lacked confidence with and just did them with the same ease, grace and thought as you give to eating breakfast in the morning.

By the end of this course you will have tool and techniques to be able to do just that.

Skills, additional materials and items needed to successfully complete the course

All you need to do is watch the videos in order. Stopping occasionally to do the thought experiments and thinking through how the information applies to your life. At the end of the course there is a self hypnosis trance video that will help you integrate the information.

Whenever you need a boost just watch the videos or listen to the audio only downloads to remind yourself why you no longer need confidence to get things done.

Course description

How to get things done when you don't have the confidence to do them. Anything from talking to someone you find attractive to presenting to thousands.

Who should take this course

If you have ever stopped yourself doing something through a lack of confidence, or didn't perform as well as you know you could have, then this course is for you.

It applies to any situation from talking to someone you find attractive, to making a presentation, to going for a job interview. This course will give you tools, techniques and ideas that you can use to boost your confidence in any situation.

Instructor's skills, experience, insurance and memberships

I am a critically acclaimed international trainer specialising in Hypnosis, NLP and Advanced Psychological Techniques. The skills you will develop on this course I have been teaching to hundreds of people in high stressed positions from presenters and performers having to face crowds that range into the millions right through to shy children needing to come out of their shell.


This course is available in English .


Hypnosis personal development NLP Confidence Presentations Accelerated Learning Persausion Persuasion Skills Covert Persuasion NLP Techniques

Rintu Basu

City: Glasgow
Country: United Kingdom
Address: The NLP Company, 3rd Floor, St Georges Buildings
Postcode or ZIP: G1 2DH
I am the accidental bestselling author of the Persuasion Skills Black Book and an internationally acclaimed training consultant specialising in the everyday uses of NLP, hypnosis and psychological persuasion skills.


has rated this course with 4.0 / 5

Content diversity

Difficulty level

Student interest


Rintu Basu is famous for his unorthodox approach to issues concerning the human mind and human behavior. That is exactly the factor why you want to study his courses. Rintu walks the unbeaten path, you can follow him on his trails. "The Confidence Booster" is not different from that. It does take time to really let this information sink in and absorb it completely. I took the course already 3 times over the past weeks. Like me, I am sure that you will go through the materials several times as well. With every time you look at this course you will gain better understanding. This course, combined with "The Spelling Strategy" developed by Rintu gives you the powerful psychological weapons for making lasting changes in your own behavior. you learn to step out of your comfort zone with confidence. I can wholeheartedly recommend this course to everybody if you want to make a positive change in your life. FYI, I rate the quizzes with one star since there are none.

has rated this course with 3.4 / 5

Content diversity

Difficulty level

Student interest


Rintu has a very relaxed style and the experience of this course is as if he is sitting at the dining table and explaining to you how easily you can increase your confidence.
The length and style of the course is such that you can easily repeat it. One hour and thirty minutes is what it takes to change your life path.
I bought this course mainly to understand and assist with the challenges of helping my young teenage niece. I am really glad that I did as the information that is provided has even helped me.
I would not ordinarily say that I lack confidence, however I do know that in certain situations my confidence level could be much higher. I love the timeline approach and just doing the simple exercise showed me how easy it was to bring about a shift in mindset.
Back to my niece. What this course gave me and my niece was the wonderful insight about what confidence and for that matter, lack of confidence really is. I followed the simple yet effective suggestions with my niece and could immediately see the change in her demeanour when she released that SHE and no one else had the power to easily change her confidence level. It is all internal.
I would certainly encourage others to make this SMALL investment for this course as it will definitely give them huge returns.

has rated this course with 4.2 / 5

Content diversity

Difficulty level

Student interest


Broken up into 5 sections, The Confidence Booster Course, is different from other confidence courses i own. Like me, you may have some experience of not feeling confident, and you know how that feels... It is put across in an easy and digestible format, which flows very well and more than holds interest. I have watched it multiple times now, revisiting relevant sections.
I now have a new understanding and perspective of what 'confidence' is and tools to change how you feel about confidence in different situations.
I bought this course to use in my job, which i have used more times than I can remember. It is an excellent course, especially when used in conjunction with Rintu's Spelling Strategy course. It has allowed me to help others take a step out of their comfort zone, whilst feeling more confident, then take leaps and bounds in their ability. I cannot praise it enough.
If you, or others around you need a boost in confidence... this is a great course to buy. Now if you consider the price to make positive steps for yourself or others it is certainly more than worth it. I would have paid much more for the content.